Reading LINK

Reading LINK

Carol Christensen - Creator of Reading LinkReading LINK - literacy, enhancement and proficiency

Every now and then a breakthrough in science takes place – this is one of those times!  Reading LINK transforms the teaching of literacy!

Reading LINK – Decoding is a systematic and carefully structured approach to teaching reading and spelling. Based on scientific research, this cutting edge program builds foundation skills in unlocking the code of written language. It provides a sequence of challenging tasks with which learners experience continuous success, enjoyment and enhanced self as competent readers and writers.

About literacy There are many claims as to the correct approach to learning to read. These range from the commonly accepted phonics and whole word approaches, to other systems which range from the incomplete to the bizarre! Many literacy programs have failed because the learning strategies they employ are critically flawed. Many traditional 'phonics' programs teach students letter-sounds but they fail to teach students how to use knowledge of letter-sounds to work out or decode words. This is the key to learning to read. This can cause learners to develop poor habits which create problems in comprehension and have an enduring negative impact on their learning. The eventual result is poor literacy, reduced self-esteem and, in many cases, disaffection from school and learning.

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