About Knowledge Books & Software

"Knowledge Books and Software is a privately-owned family business headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  We have been publishing, producing software and servicing educational needs since 1987."

Knowledge Books & Software is a trading name of Watts Innovation PTY LTD ABN: 75003053316

The History of Knowledge Books & Software
Knowledge Books and Software (KBS) services schools, TAFEs, universities and other organisations  in the region and internationallly via dedicated agents, website orders and promotional information. We have been servicing schools Australia-wide since 1983! We have a warehouse in Auckland to service customers in New Zealand and have educational content services to International Schools throughout the world.

 Since 1987, Knowledge Books and Software ABN: 75003053316 has been supplying schools, colleges, libraries and institutions with educational materials - both print and digital content. Our published products are used throughout Australia and the rest of the world!

Our specialities:

  •     Web services - Online ordering. Technical expertise and also the management and set up as well as consultancy
  •     Publishing and packaging - scientific, medical and specialist publications can be managed whilst integrating with the web
  •     Electronic and digital management via Authentik (TM) Digital Rights Management - managing e-books and e-texts!
  •     Graphics and learning content as well as packaging specific learning and teaching content.

Feel free to contact us at any stage for any other enquiry and we will be more than happy to help. 

Knowledge Books & Software
4/498 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227, Australia
Phone: 07 5568 0288 Fax: 07 5568 0277

We look forward to servicing your requirements!

Rob Watts
Managing Director