KBS does not accept returns of products in the case of a change of mind. Where a product is faulty we offer Refund or Replacement. Contact us within 14 days for a Reply Paid number so the product can be returned at no cost.



Freight charges are calculated based on Australia Post rates. Freight charges displayed at checkout are deemed to be correct and final.



All prices are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD).


Credit Card Security by NAB TransactCredit Card Security

We use the NAB Transact facility to process credit card payments. At no time will your credit card details be retained on our servers. All payments are processed via secure servers managed by NAB.

All credit card details are entered and stored on NAB servers that are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means that when the information is sent over the internet it is scrambled, so that your credit card number, billing details and delivery details cannot be deciphered, ensuring privacy and security. You can double check that SSL is active by looking for an unbroken padlock or closed lock symbol in the one of the corners of your browser window. In the address bar the URL should also begin with https rather than the standard http.